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Tools and Resources

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Use these online tools and resources to learn to plan for college, pay for college, find a job, and manage your money.

Plan for College
Tool How to use it
Where Are You on the Path to College and Career? Use this quick guide to help you take the next step in your college journey.
Are Your Grades Good Enough? Find out if your GPA is good enough for college.
Write Your College-Ready Plan Complete this short guide to prepare for college coursework, financial aid, and campus life.
Will Your Education Get You Hired? Learn hire rates for different jobs.
Sample Resumes for College Use these resume examples as you write your own.
Application Checklist Refer to this short to-do list as you apply for admission.
College Navigator Search for colleges that match your requirements.
Pay for College
Tool How to use it
Will Your Degree Earn Enough for Bills? — Major Choices Find out if your future income will cover potential student debt?
Estimate Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Use this calculator to estimate how much your family might contribute to college.
Compare Your Financial Aid Awards Do an apples-to-apples comparison of your financial aid offers.
Search for Scholarships Find the scholarship for you with this search engine.
Compare Payments Under Different Repayment Plans Consider out how repayment plans compare given debt.
Find a Job
Tool How to use it
Learn What You Might Earn — Career Choices Discover what you might earn depending on where you live and what you do.
Meet Your Future: Watch Career Videos Browse this video library of jobs.
Five Elements of a Strong Resume Include these must-have items in your resume.
Sample Resumes Use these examples as a base for your own resume.
Common Interview Questions Be prepared when you get these interview questions.
Online Resources for Your Job Hunt Explore this short list of valuable job resources.
Manage Your Money
Tool How to use it
Your Spending Plan For Life After College Use this online budget to manage costs after college.
Your Interactive Guide to Credit Reports Discover more about credit with this sample credit report.
Compare Loans Before You Borrow Do an apples-to-apples comparison of loan offers.
How to Read a Credit Card Statement Explore this sample credit card statement to learn more about terms and conditions.
Calculate the True Cost of Credit Find out what a credit card purchase will really cost you.
Student Loan Repayment Comparison Calculator Learn how repayment plans compare given debt.

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