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Are Your Grades Good Enough?

Find out if your GPA will get you into the college of your choice

Trying to achieve a specific grade point average (GPA) to be considered for a specific college or to earn a scholarship? Use the tool below to calculate the grades you need in order to achieve your GPA goal.

GPA Goal Calculator — Complete all 4 steps

  1. Calculation period:
    To calculate your potential GPA at the end of a semester, enter the total number of credit hours you will have earned by the end of the semester. (e.g., 60, 74, 90).
    To calculate your final cumulative GPA for your degree or certificate, enter the total number of hours required to graduate or complete your program (e.g., 120, 150).
    To calculate your GPA for your major, enter the total number of credit hours required to graduate with your selected major or area of study (you may need to refer to your degree plan for this information) (e.g., 24, 28).
  1. What is your GPA goal at the end of the calculation period (e.g., 3.0, 3.5)?
  1. How many credit hours have you earned to date? Include completed credits only.
  1. What is your current cumulative GPA (e.g., 2.4, 3.2)?

Note to students with transfer credit hours:
If your school accepts transfer credit hours, but does not include transferred credit hours in its institutional GPA calculation, you may need to subtract those hours from Boxes 1 and 3 above to receive more accurate GPA goal results.

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