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Income Contingent Repayment Plan Calculator

Calculate what your monthly payment would be using the ICR Repayment Plan

Under the Income Contingent Repayment (ICR) Plan, the borrower's monthly payments are recalculated each year on the basis of the borrower's income, family size, and student loan indebtedness. If the borrower hasn't fully repaid his or her loans after 25 years, the remainder will be forgiven, but the borrower may have to pay taxes on the amount that is discharged.

I. Family size

Including you, how many people live in your household? Be sure to include your spouse (if you are married), children, and any other dependents.

II. Federal Direct student loan debt

What is the interest rate on your student loan? If your rate isn't listed, use the next higher rate for estimation. %
What is your total amount of federal Direct student loan debt? Use your current outstanding balance.

If you are married and your spouse has federal Direct student loan debt, what is his or her current outstanding balance?


III. Income

What was your adjusted gross income (AGI) as reported on last year’s federal income tax return? If you are married and filed a joint tax return, include your spouse’s income. If your AGI is unknown, estimate your annual pretax earnings.


IV. State of Residence

Continental U.S.

Additional information regarding ICR is available at TG Online.


This calculator uses 2016 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services data and 2014 Income Percentage Factors from the U.S. Department of Education.

This calculator is provided for estimation purposes only. Specific details about eligibility and payments will be determined during the ICR application process.

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