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Learn about the Texas College Access Loan Program

Educational loans to help meet a financial aid shortfall

Sometimes a student's financial aid award doesn't cover the entire cost to attend a college or university. And sometimes families find that they can't afford the amount they're expected to contribute to a dependent's education. In these cases, the State of Texas has stepped in to help with the Texas College Access Loan Program.

What is the Texas College Access Loan Program?

The CAL Program is designed to help families make up part or all of the gap between college cost and financial aid, or even replace what the family is expected to pay.

Who qualifies?

Texas students qualify who have need after taking into account financial aid. Families do not have to demonstrate financial need, but the student borrower or a loan cosigner must demonstrate a good credit record to be eligible for the loan.

What are CAL's benefits?

  • Fixed interest rate of 6.6%

  • Six-month grace period after the borrower leaves school

  • No interest capitalization

  • Various repayment plan options

How to apply

Apply for a CAL Program loan online.

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