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Guide your students through applying to college, obtaining aid, and considering a career.

College Prep Guidance for Students

A higher education takes time and money. Help your students get the most from their investment by offering information on how to plan for a degree or certificate. Direct your students to Plan for College on AIE as they prepare for college, take entrance exams, and complete the college admissions process.

Preparing for college
Student Resource Details
Where Are You on the Path to College and Career? Quick guide on the college journey with links to resources
Five Skills You Will Need In College Essential skills for surviving and thriving in college
Get Involved In Your Community One more way to get noticed by admissions committees
Write Your College-Ready Plan Short guide to preparing for college coursework, financial aid, and campus life
Worried You Can't Get Into College? Why students avoid college but shouldn't

Choosing a college
Student Resource Details
Find Your College Match What students should consider as they choose a school
Visit Campus Before You Choose Advice on making the most of a campus visit

Getting In
Student Resource Details
Understand How Admissions Works A quick overview on the admissions process
Admissions Fact or Fiction Fun quiz that gets your students interested and clears up common myths
A How-to Guide to Completing College Applications A step-by-step description of applying
Application Checklist To-do list for applying
What Are The College Entrance Exams? A quick guide to the SAT and ACT
Schedule College Admissions Testing The latest exam dates



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