Counselor Resources

Guide your students through applying to college, obtaining aid, and considering a career.

Career Guidance

To help your students lay the groundwork for a future career, direct them to AIE's Find a Job. Here, they can take an inventory of their skills and interests, establish career goals, and develop a strategy to achieve those goals — otherwise called a career plan. Below you'll find a listing of great resources in this area.

Choosing a career
Student Resource Details
CareerFirst Step: Know Yourself A guide to determining key skills and interests
Match Career to Degree Find out the credential that a job requires
Will Your Education Get You Hired? Hire rates by given programs of study

Planning a career path
Student Resource Details
Career Choices — Learn What You Might Earn Salaries by occupation and city
Set Your Career Goals Guide to establishing career direction
Build Your Career Plan How to devise a strategy for climbing the career ladder

Getting hired
Student Resource Details
Five Elements of a Strong Resume Must-have items for a strong resume
Resume Samples and Templates Examples to use in drafting or revising a resume
Land an Interview Tips on getting a foot in the door with an interview

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